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DESSERT FIRST! by Hanna Quevedo

  • DESSERT FIRST! by Hanna Quevedo

Dessert First! is contemporary portrait and documentary photographer Hanna Quevedo's debut photobook. Dessert First! compiles Quevedo's often self-reflective, gloriously grainy, color film images from nine years that she spent in the US exploring and encountering varieties of weirdness, beauty, and freedom.

This book is a co-edition with Hydra/Inframundo, who helped design the project through their Incubadora Fotolibros Program, which Hanna entered in 2019. Full color, 146 pages, screen-printed cover, book elastic enclosure, includes 2 custom stickers.

For Latin American or European orders go to: https://hydra.lat/collections/inframundo/products/dessert-first-hanna-quevedo